Water management in hydraulic fracking operations is a complex problem that involves a number of techno-economic and social dimensions

The drilling, fracturing and completion of wells in unconventional plays require large volumes of water
Water use

Water use

Per frac in a
short period

Water use diagram

Water strategy risks


  • Right quality
  • Right volume
  • Right time


  • Government agencies (Permits)
  • Corporate stakeholders (Transparency)

dropEnvironmental and social

  • Local communities
  • Social groups

Hydropti benefits

  • Identify solutions featuring up to 30% lower OpEx
  • Maximize water reuse and recycling as well as explore the use of alternative water sources
  • Centralize all the data and assumptions for transparent decision making
  • De-risk the water management plan from technical economic and social/enviromnental dimensions
  • Incorporate system constraints due to social and environmental concerns
  • Automatically generate your Environmental Net Effects reporting from a central location
  • Eliminate the challenges associated with the use of multiple spreadsheets
Hydropti interface


Identify fresh water sources, locations and transport/storage options

Saline water

Evaluate opportunities to increase the use of saline groundwater

Alternative sources

Easiliy incorporate and determine the technical and economic feasibility of sourcing water from industrial/municipal wastewater sources

Injection wells

Determine the lowest cost disposal options including injection wells and third party disposal

Water reuse

Explore opportunities for storage/treatment and reuse of flowback water

Storage options

Identify optimal locations and capacities for water storage

Optimal water allocation

Identify optimal water flows for each period within the duration of the project

Alternative solutions

Generate alternative strategies and determine the economic implications of each option

Contingency plans

Evaluate the implications of potential adverse circumstances such as road closures, limits on water withdrawals, etc.

Environmental net effects

Extend reporting capabilities to include the full ENE framework as required by regulations

GHG emissions

Quantify the GHG emissions due to selected water transport options

Cash flow

Determine how water management costs will influence cash flows for the project

An innovative approach

  • Hydropti is cloud based. Access from anywhere there is an internet connection. No need for costly software installation procedures
  • Access powerful algorithms to ensure a comprehensive search for the best option
  • Interact with the system using carefully designed Graphical User Interface
  • Present your results and decision process with clear charts and interactive maps
  • Enjoy the Hydropti user experience with high quality graphics and intuitive workflows
  • All your data is saved locally. Data security is enforced using latest encryption technology for data transfer (SSL)

Hydropti workflow

Value proposition

Optimal water management strategies for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional oil & gas plays


Know how Hydropti help industry to optimize waste of water

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